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What You Need to Know about Pump Eng. & Well Develop. before you begin a Project

Date:  Wednesday, 12/07/16 08:30 AM - 03:30 PM
Event Type:  Pumps and Water Delivery

      Bodart, Michael
      Energy Education Center - Irwindale
Course Description: 
Engineers, supervisors, and consultants will learn about the common errors that are made when determining the design or redesign of their pumps.  This course will discuss the newer well development techniques that should be used in well rehabs and how you can improve your water quality in wells. Why should you replace a water lube or oil lube pump with a water flush?  How do you design a water flush pump?
Course Objectives:
• Pros and Cons of submersible pumps versus line shaft pumps.
• Understand how power savings can pay for pump and well upgrades.
• Evaluate redevelopment processes.
• Learn about cost savings considerations for your next project.
Additional Course Topics Include:
• Invest $10,000 and save $100,000 in power by building a better pump.
• What is the top twenty-five (25) mistakes that engineers make when designing a new pump.
• Learn about the #1 redevelop process that needs to be used for all well redevelopments.
• How do you write the perfect specification for a well and pump rehabilitation?
• How do you troubleshoot a well or pump? Sanding? Low production? Low efficiency? Air? Vibration?
• How do you solve a water quality problem in an existing well. Nitrates? PCE? TCE? Arsenic? Colored water? Sanding? Air? Perchlorates? Iron? Manganese? Bacteria?
• What are the pros and cons of different redevelopment processes?
• Why AWWA requirements for well and pump disinfections rarely works and could be doing more harm than good.
• There are no NSF water wells in the world.  Why would you specify NSF equipment or materials for your well?
Target Audience:
• Consultants and Engineers
• Water Distribution Operators and Managers
Learning Units:
6.0 Contact Hours, State Water Resources Control Board
(Drinking Water Division: Water Distribution Operators)

For additional information visit SCE's Water Conference website at
Special Instructions:
Reservations will be held 15 minutes following the start time above. After this time your seat may be given to a waiting customer.
Intermediate Class:  Content is appropriate for individuals who possess a fundamental understanding of the topic, and have familiarity with basic terminology and methodology of the subject matter.  Attendees should have the capacity to participate in instructor-led exercises requiring synthesis and application of concepts.
Energy Education Center - Irwindale
6090 N. Irwindale Ave.
Irwindale, CA  91702
CUSTOMER ONLY parking spaces are now available around the 6090 and 6050 buildings for your convenience.